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New WCRP-CORDEX Flagship Pilot Study with GERICS participation

The “URBan environments and Regional Climate Change (URB-RCC)” project has been endorsed by WCRP-CORDEX as a Flagship Pilot Study (FPS) and will start 1 May 2021.

The main goal of URB-RCC is to understand the effect of urban areas on the regional climate, as well as the impact of regional climate change on cities, with the help of coordinated experiments with urbanized RCMs.

URB-RCC involves over 20 partners across the globe, from different CORDEX domains.

The main four objectives of URB-RCC are:

  • Understanding and assessing urban climate change impacts.
  • Investigating interactions of urban environment with local/regional climate for (mega)cities based on coordinated ensemble using urbanized RCMs in CORDEX experiments.
  • Assessing options for urban parameterization schemes in high-res RCM simulations for further use in CORDEX.
  • Better understanding the urban environment’s vulnerability under CC and providing the urban CC science to underpin climate services for cities.
More information about the “URBan environments and Regional Climate Change (URB-RCC)” project

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Gaby Langendijk


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Tomáš Halenka

Charles University, Prague

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