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Report 23

Integrating Science and Practice as a Research Mode – a Literature Review

Integrated research, like it is needed for Climate Services, relies on intense communication between various players in science, politics, economics and administration. Someother fields till today have a tradition of integrating practice partners, but so far, there has been hardly any integration of knowledge and experiences on the meta-level. Rather, the terminology, concepts and references that are used are very divers. Neither theoretical insights nor empirical case studies on transdisciplinary communication in different fields have so far been systematically reviewed.

To evaluate in how far climate service can benefit from existing approaches to transdisciplinarity, a literature review has been carried out. Its aim was to compare definitions, and better understand approaches, methods, and barriers.
The report is in German language.

Report 23 - C. Brinkmann, M. Bergmann, J. Huang-Lachmann, S. Rödder, S. Schuck-Zöller (2015): Zur Integration von Wissenschaft und Praxis als Forschungsmodus - Ein Literaturüberblick