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Advanced Earth System Modelling Capacity (ESM)

ESM is a partly by the Helmholtz Association (HGF) funded project that aims to contribute solving grand challenges mankind is facing by developing and applying innovative Earth system modelling capacity. The two main aspects of the project are to enhance existing Earth system model components and to build a flexible framework to couple them. These developments will be used in challenging numerical experiments – referred to as frontier simulations – to provide significant progress of our knowledge base. This scientific oriented activities will be complemented by a strategic process involving external partners to develop a long-term Earth system modelling strategy.

GERICS contributes to ESM with the high-resolution limited-area climate model REMO in the non-hydrostatic version and with system dynamics socio-economic modelling. The focus will be on the coupling of the two models to other Earth system components of ESM. Two frontier simulations with GERICS involvement are planned which will focus on the Indian Monsoon and hydrological extremes over Europe. Another important part for GERICS is the co-lead in the strategic process for a long-term Earth system modelling strategy.

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